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Brief synopsis About Me.... 

I have always been fascinated by art; especially fantasy and science fiction.  It all began on a cold NovemberPainting of Bob at 7 yrs. old morning, in Chatham, Ohio.  “But in my defense, I was drawing trees and mountains, until one day my Mother came home.”  I was seven years old and she gave me a “Savage Sword of Conan” magazine.  So this is where my imagination switched and I started drawing barbarians with swords and decapitations.  My Mother saw my new work and was “shocked”.  As I said, “It’s not my fault.”  Because of my Mother’s reaction, I went back to drawing trees and mountains. Until I turned sixteen years old and made a friend who had hundreds of comics and magazines.  He loaned me a few including, “Savage Sword of Conan”, “Epic Magazine”, and “Heavy Metal”.  Armed with this new material I went back into the world of fantasy and science fiction and have never found my way back out.  The years of silence, now broken by the whispers of inspiration. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said "Don't follow where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail". So this is my Art Path. My Mother stills says to me even today, “Why can’t you draw vases with flowers in them?”

I was also inspired by individuals.  The first truly inspiring individual was Mrs. Denton.  She was my art teacher in high school.  She always encouraged me to do better and to try harder.  Under her guidance, which at times I considered harsh judgment, she kept pushing me.  No matter what I did, no matter how well I drew it, she said, “It didn’t blow my socks off, Bob.  And I know you are capable of doing it.”  By the end of the year, I had completed a pencil drawing of a still life.  Eager to know her reaction to the work, I went to the classroom on my lunch break.  She was sitting at her desk and I asked her, “What do you think?”  She made a quick gesture with her hand and pointed to her feet.  Glancing down, I noticed she had rolled her socks around her ankles.  The piece went on to win County and State Competitions for High School Pencil Drawing.  Inspiration comes in all forms, she was mine.  I also would give credit to my wife, Effie, who's support and encouragement ignite the passion fire. It is easy to be inspired and think you can do anything when someone believes in you. Me painting in my art mode .

I mostly paint with Acrylics, but I have dabbled with just about every available media, including powdered tempera.  A word of advice, unless you like pulling your hair out and yelling at the walls at the top of your lungs, tempera is probably NOT a good idea. 

There is a fantasy and science fiction convention every year called “Dragon-Con” and many others nation wide.  My friend, Glen, kept telling me that I should go.  So, I went to show my art at the convention.  When I finally came out of the corner in which I was hiding, embarrassed that my work might get laughed at rather than praised, to my amazement, I won -- First place in Sci Fi and Third Place in Fantasy with the same painting.  To this day, he still tells me “I told you so”.

My work can also be found in various Galleries, Art Shows and conventions across the country. Upstream People Gallery, Quayside Gallery, Epilogue, Renderosity, Terranuts and Deviant Art - just to name a few.

More about me and my work will be added soon, in a section called "The Art Path".

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