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Welcome to my Art Lair. Where imagination meets the canvas of reality!
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Here you can find some of the early stuff as well as my current work. I am constantly drawing painting and writing, so new art will be added as soon as I can get them on here. Most of my work is Fantasy, Sci. Fi. and Contemporary style, but I paint just about anything I can think of. Stop by the gallery. Thanks for Visiting.

Always looking for new ways to create artwork, I entered into the world of computers. And this was the birth of my digital fantasies. Armed with host of cool software, I began my digital attack. A section for my digital work will be added to this site.

"Tear" the Assassin" is a painting done in acrylic and it was chosen by ImagineFX Magazine and appeared in Issue #33.

The images below are a few digital pieces, which include a couple from a new painting series I am working on called "Beauty of the Mind's Eye" and it's done in Acrylic and Photoshop CS2 Digital Painting.

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Hindsight - The Shirley Primrose Story, The Journey: The Last Testament.

Please note: All Rights Reserved on all images appearing within these web pages. All images, web design and writings copyright © by Bob Suggs, except where noted. None of these images may be reproduced, whole or in part without my written permission. *Be advised there is some nudity within these pages.

Digital Paintings ... "Glances / Damien Hawke / Playing with White " ( Click image to Enlarge )
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